in response to [Draußen. Outside. Dozens of my Fingerprints washed away]

materialization 2017 | 34°12'52.6''N 116°27'18.0''W California (USA) | photos Meg Madison, courtesy the artist | pt. of the work group 'Fragmented Landscapes'
permanent exhibition with 24/7 acess on the border of Jemez Homestead: Stolen Land and the Sand to Snow Nat. Monument

a mirage of birds break apart softly.
a tumbleweed rolls down a sunned road.
a light casts a shadow
and with it forms
dozens of concentric
circles upon circles.

multiplicity holds dimensions of truth
like droplets of water
an abandoned tank
shivering against glass
in the desert’s ecstatic ocean.

a thousand plateaus stand broken before me,
I on the precipice of
one gazing out.
a force of wind crawls
through the hallowing basin reminding me,
I am not alone.

dozens of my fingerprint tracks
my origin-soft focus,
split second washed-aways
with sand by other tracks.

multiplicity is the resolution of a horizon.
if you compare it, it does not lose its initial form.
if you want to compare it to a graduation of intensity, it can jump without losing its form.
if you wanted some kind of resolve, it would only be absolutely real.

[and all knowledge is remembering. data of different destinations] ALONG THE LINE, by Marieke Hogan and Delia Jürgens